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The quick and easy way to control your home and office

Express Controls provides expert consulting services for the design and manufacture of wireless Internet of Things (IoT) products to enable the quick and easy control of your home and office. Our affordable Home Control products utilize the advanced mesh-networking protocol and reliable wireless communication provided by Z-Wave from Sigma Designs. Focusing on sensors and interfaces, our products leverage the wide range of compatible Z-Wave products to enable intelligent control of the lighting, HVAC and Audio/Video of your home and office.

What's New? Consulting

ZWP500 Z-Wave Production Programmer and Test Platform

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EZMultiPli     Now Shipping!
Plug-in Multi-Sensor
  +Light Level
Z-Wave Range Extender
Wall powered
Never needs batteries!

Expert Z-Wave Consultant
Need help implementing the cool Internet-of-Things (IoT) device you've always dreamed of? Express Controls provides consulting services to make your dream a reality.

Express Controls provides consulting services for Z-Wave product development teams. Training and in-depth guidance on the best practices to build reliable Z-Wave devices are our specialty. Maximizing battery life, navigating through the complex web of dependencies of various Z-Wave command classes, antenna tuning for maximum range, manufacturing recommendations to minimize cost, software development and debugging tips are just some of the services we provide. More than 11 years of experience with the Z-Wave protocol and the Sigma Designs fifth generation 500 series RF modules enable us to quickly prototype whatever IoT device you can imagine.

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Express Controls is proud to be a member of the Z-Wave Alliance.

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