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ZWP500TM Z-Wave Programmer and Tester available NOW!
Programs Sigma Designs 500 series chips and automatically generates and prints the SmartStart QR code
Test your product during production using an open platform based on the Raspberry Pi  

Click HERE for the ZWP500 Datasheet
Helping you turn the next great IoT product dream into a reality!
Engineering & design, product development, parachute rescue for your off-track project, and much more!​​
Express Controls provides expert consulting services for the design and manufacture of wireless Internet of Things (IoT) products.
Guru Z-Wave Consultant​​ - Creating IoT products with Z-Wave technology since 2003, Express Controls has the expertise to help your team complete your dream product.  We have "been there, done that" in solving problems of wireless IoT product development!
Need a demo unit to show to investors?
We have worked with a number of startups to put together a prototype quickly with a minimal initial investment. 3D printing and Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates can meet your customers needs now. 

Express Controls is proud to be a member of the Z-Wave Alliance

​​Just looking for team training or "best practices" advice to build a reliable Z-Wave device?  We can do that!

We have successfully developed and marketed our own Z-Wave Plus IoT products as well!
 We are proud of the many Z-Wave products we have helped bring to market,  with any more coming soon!
  1. Z-Wave System Architecture and Product Development
  2. Software Development, Debug and Validation
  3. Customized Z-Wave Training
  4. Z-Wave Certification Pre-Testing and Guidance
  5. Embedded C Programming and Architecture
  6. Z-Wave Traffic Analysis and Recommendations
  7. Antenna Tuning and Range Measurement
  8. Low-Power Circuit Design and Battery Life Analysis
  9. Product Functionality Testing
  10. Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  11. Manufacturing Programming and Testing Solutions
  12. Prototype and Enclosure Design and 3D Printing

See our range of  Services for the many ways we can help you and your team with your Z-Wave IoT ideas or needs.  
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  1. 2003
    Year Became Z-Wave Licensee
  2. 17
    Companies Consulted
  3. 38
    Products to Market or Coming to Market
We have great products for your home or Z-Wave product development needs!
Our affordable Home Control products utilize the advanced mesh-networking protocol and reliable wireless communication provided by Z-Wave and Sigma Designs . Focusing on sensors and interfaces, our products leverage the wide range of compatible Z-Wave products to enable intelligent control of the lighting, HVAC and Audio/Video of your home and office.

Express Controls provides Z-Wave development tools for your debug, programming and testing needs, including a Z-Wave interface board for the Raspberry Pi.  Our Z-Wave production programmer and test platform is in Beta and expected to be available soon!  

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**Featured Product**

ZWP500TM Z-Wave Programmer & Tester

Struggling with generating the SmartStart QRCodes for your product?
The ZWP500 automatically computes a secure DSK, programs it into the DUT, then prints it on a low-cost label printer

Merrimack, NH February 26, 2018 - Express Controls LLC announces the release of the ZWP500 Z-Wave 500 series programmer and tester. The ZWP500 is specifically designed to efficiently program the 500 series Z-Wave modules and chips from Sigma Designs. "The ZWP500 is the first 500 series programmer with full support for printing of the SmartStart QRcode which is now required for all Z-Wave certified devices" said Z-Wave expert and Express Controls CEO Eric Ryherd.  Utilizing the popular and powerful Raspberry Pi single board computer means the full capabilities of a high performance processor and an open platform can be utilized for programming and testing Z-Wave based products. The feature rich Raspian Linux operating system means the ZWP500 can be programmed in any popular language such as C, C++ or Python. The system is an open platform easily customized by the user or the experts at Express Controls can quickly develop a solution that exactly meets the needs of your product. 

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