Z-Wave Expert Consultant
Bringing the Internet of Things to Life!

Company Overview

Express Controls provides expert consulting services for the design and manufacture of wireless Internet of Things (IoT) products for Z-Wave product development teams. An early adopter, Express Controls has been been developing IoT products using Z-Wave protocol since 2003 and the early 100 series RF transceivers.  Currently we are developing Z-Wave products using the latest Sigma Designs fifth generation 500 series RF modules which enable us to quickly prototype whatever IoT device you can imagine.  We have resources available for PCB design and layout as well as industrial design and 3D printing to help visualize the entire IoT product quickly.   With well over a decade of experince learning the nuances of the Z-Wave protocol, we are here to help you get your Z-Wave product to market quickly as well as provide expertise for a variety of other IoT and/or Z-Wave challenges you may be experiencing!  

A brief sampling of a few of our recent projects:

  • Upgraded wall switches and dimmers from the 300 series to 500 series for a major Z-Wave partner including PCB design and full firmware development and certification
  • Custom PCB development of a Z-Wave plug-in board improving range from barely a dozen feet to over 300
  • Z-Wave firmware for a major window shade manufacturers new line of Z-Wave shades and remotes
  • Z-Wave firmware and certification for a recently certified water valve and meter
  • Full product prototype including embedded C firmware, PCB design and 3D printed prototype of a Z-Wave bed sensor
  • Guidance and certification for a major Z-Wave hub vendor 

Founder Eric Ryherd

Eric Ryherd has been passionate about home automation since the early X10 days of the 1980s.  Eric is an expert in the Z-Wave protocol and can help architect, implement and train your team to design, code and build practical and manufacturable Z-Wave enabled devices.   Known as "DrZWave", he can also just be your Z-Wave ER "doctor" to help isolate and fix the problems that are getting your project off schedule.

Prior to founding Express Controls LLC, Eric designed chips for Programmable System-on-Chip microcontrollers (PSoC), video conferencing, smart phone cameras, Ethernet-based industrial controllers, cardiac pacemakers and a myriad of other devices you use and touch every day.  He founded an Intellectual Property (IP) startup selling synthesizable microprocessors and USB interfaces, selling the company in 1999.

Eric has a BS in Computer & Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and has been a member of IEEE since 1992.  

For more information on Eric Ryherd, see his LinkedIn profile