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ZWP500TM Z-Wave 500 series Programmer and Tester Announcement

Merrimack, NH February 26, 2018 - Express Controls LLC announces the release of the ZWP500 Z-Wave 500 series programmer and tester. The ZWP500 is specifically designed to efficiently program the 500 series Z-Wave modules and chips from Sigma Designs. "The ZWP500 is the first 500 series programmer with full support for printing of the SmartStart QRcode which is now required for all Z-Wave certified devices" said Z-Wave expert and Express Controls CEO Eric Ryherd.  Utilizing the popular and powerful Raspberry Pi single board computer means the full capabilities of a high performance processor and an open platform can be utilized for programming and testing Z-Wave based products. The feature rich Raspian Linux operating system means the ZWP500 can be programmed in any popular language such as C, C++ or Python. The system is an open platform easily customized by the user or the experts at Express Controls can quickly develop a solution that exactly meets the needs of your product.

Eric Ryherd Staffs “Ask an Expert" Desk for Z-Wave Alliance Booth at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas
January 11, 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is THE trade show for smart home technology and all things cool and new and geeky. It is a massive show and if you've never been to CES it is something to see.  The crowds are enormous and the technology is so new, some of it will never actually make it to market as there is plenty of smoke and mirrors!  Read the CES 2018 DrZWave blog entry to learn more about  Eric's impressions of CES 2018 as well as his experience staffing the Z-Wave Alliance "Ask an Expert" desk. 

Eric Ryherd Presenting “IoT Device Testing Best Practices” at Z-Wave Summit in Oklahoma City
September 26-28, 2017

Z-Wave Developers and Marketers will come together at the Z-Wave Summit at the Jasco facility in Oklahoma City September 26-28, 2017. You have to be a member of the Z-Wave Alliance to attend. I highly recommend attending if you are developing Z-Wave devices . Networking with other Z-Wave developers and having intimate access to the Sigma Design and Alliance engineers and marketing folks is invaluable. To attend, register via the Alliance member-only web site. The Alliance always has some fun in the evenings too so it’s not all work!

Eric Ryherd Presenting

Express Controls founder and Z-Wave expert Eric Ryherd (aka DrZWave) will be presenting at the summit for the 4th consecutive year. Last years presentation was “Seven Things you probably don’t know about Z-Wave” and was well received. I was surprised how many engineers were completely unaware of the many new features and command classes that have been added to Z-Wave in the past couple of years. This year’s topic is “IoT Device Testing Best Practices“. I’ll go over some of the failures I’ve found over the last several years in both my products and other products I’ve tested.


Z-Wave wireless Internet of Things (IoT) devices are hard to test! There are countless devices already in customers hands with bugs in them that make Z-Wave seem unreliable when in fact many of the issues are bugs in the device firmware.  Eric Ryherd, Z-Wave expert and consultant, describes some of the  failures that are still shipping today and best practices when testing your IoT device to reduce the chance your device fails in your customers hands. Simple command sequences sent one at a time by a test engineer is not representative of the real world packet storms that occur in an apartment building with complex RF reflections and multiple interfering RF networks. Your device has to work in the real world and to do that you need to simulate those terrible conditions that do not happen on the engineers desk.

"Z-Wave Challenges in MDUs and How to Resolve Them"  Article by Express Controls Founder Eric Ryherd
​June 2017

Deploying a robust Z-Wave network in MDUs (like apartment buildings or hotels) can be challenging unless you follow a few basic rules...

Read the full article on Z-Wave Alliance

Eric Ryherd speaking at the Z-Wave Alliance Fall Summit
"Seven Things you probably don't know about Z-Wave"
29 September 2016, Oklahoma City, OK

Eric Ryherd will be speaking for the third consecutive year at this years Z-Wave summit at the Jasco headquarters in Oklahoma City. This years topic relates the seven things Eric has had to explain to Z-Wave developers over and over again during his more than a decade of Z-Wave IoT product development.
  • Radio Antenna is really important
  • Z-Wave Plus means you can ask the device what it can do
  • Central Scene should be called "button press" command class
  • Assign Return Routes - rarely done correctly!
  • Configuration CC V3 - linked list of parameters and their names from the device
  • RSSI - you need to be watching all the time
  • SendData timing - when you can send the next frame

Z-Wave Expert Eric Ryherd is speaking at the Z-Wave Alliance Fall Summit on
"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Z-Wave Hubs"
4 November 2015, San Diego, CA


Express Controls founder Eric Ryherd will be speaking at the Z-Wave Alliance Developer's Forum and Unplug Fest in San Diego, CA November 3-5, 2015. Eric will be presenting insights on developing products using Z-Wave technology with Tips and Tricks developed through his more than decade of developing IoT products using Z-Wave.
  • RF Radio Range
  • Command Class Support
  • Interrogate Device
  • Queues and Timeouts
  • Maintain Network Health
  • Network Utilization
  • Realities of RF 

HomeSeer Packs Z-Wave into HomeTroller Zee S2 Home Control Systems
​3 June 2015

HomeSeer's  latest, the HomeTroller Zee S2 promises a better performance than its predecessor, along with built-in Z-Wave Plus support. That basically means it will work with even more products and technologies for all of those home control systems out there. That lineup includes all of the same Z-Wave-enabled devices mentioned above, including the lighting, the smart locks, the thermostats, the water valves, the sensors, and much more.

Read the full press release here.  This product was created and is produced by Express Controls.

Learn Z-Wave Tips and Tricks from Z-Wave expert & consultant Eric Ryherd at the Z-Wave Alliance Fall Summit
5 November 2014, San Diego, CA

Express Controls founder Eric Ryherd will be speaking at the Z-Wave Alliance Developer's Forum and Unplug Fest in San Diego, CA November 4-6, 2014. Eric will be presenting insights on developing products using Z-Wave technology with Tips and Tricks developed through his more than 11 years of working with Z-Wave. 

Island of Things (IoT) Article by Express Controls Founder Eric Ryherd
​15 October 2014

Today’s IoT reality is that we’ve got an enormous and rapidly growing number of Things being connected to the Internet, but very few of them talk to each other. If I buy two different thermostats, I need two different apps. But, aren’t these apps doing the same thing? After all, they’re just controlling the temperature. Why can’t I control both thermostats from the same app and choose which app I prefer? Each Thing lives on its own island, speaking a different language. For every Thing, I have to learn how to use its app to control it. Do I even want an app that talks to my dishwasher? 

Read the full article on HomeToys.com

Homeseer Unveils HSM200 Z-Wave Multisensor - Night Light - Indicator Module
​5 September 2014

HomeSeer unveils its line-powered HSM200 Z-Wave multisensor - night light - indicator module. The unit senses motion, temperature and light level, can function as a night light, and can also be programmed to display up to 7 different glowing colors when things happen in the home! 

Read the full press release here.  This product was created and is produced by Express Controls.