Z-Wave Expert Consultant
Bringing the Internet of Things to Life!
 IoT Expert Services
  1. Architecture
    Navigate the complex Z-Wave Command Classes that matches your product. Find the balance of features and compatibility to maximize the support of your IoT product across virtually all Home Automation platforms
  2. Product Development
    IoT products consist of much more than just software. Hardware architecture, PCB design, firmware, validation testing, design for manufacturing, production line testing, Z-Wave Certification and more. We can guide you from start to finish.
  3. Software Development
    Embedded firmware development on the Sigma Z-Wave modules requires a high learning curve. Our engineers are already over the hump and ready to guide your team to complete on time. We can implement and test, or train your team.
  4. Software Debug
    Z-Wave embedded firmware using the Sigma modules has limited debugging capabilities. Our experts can show your team the tools and tricks to efficiently debug your code to ensure reliable operation.
  5. Software Validation
    Does your IoT product work? Will it work in the myriad ways it will be used? Our engineers have the tools to exercise your product in ways you never thought of to ensure it WORKS.
  6. Training
    New to Z-Wave? Maybe your team simply needs some training and in-depth guidance on the best practices to build reliable Z-Wave devices and bring them thru certification and to the market on time. We do that!
  7. Antenna Tuning
    A good antenna is critical for a reliable and robust Z-Wave mesh network. Our engineers have worked with dozens of designs and can help ensure your antenna has the maximum range and is easy to manufacture.
  8. Battery Life
    Battery life of over 1 year is a challenge for any IoT device. There are many battery choices that have to be balanced to meet the lifetime and cost targets. The Z-Wave module hardware and firmware have to be carefully managed to meet the lifetime.
  9. Prototypes
    Need a demo unit to show to investors? We have worked with a number of startups to put together a prototype quickly and at a minimal initial investment. 3D printing and Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates enables quick changes.
  10. Manufacturing Programming & Testing
    Z-Wave module programming and product testing ensure every customer receives a working product and avoids costly returns. Our high speed programming and customizable testing platform is designed for Z-Wave testing.
  11. Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
    Maximize product yield and minimize costs and product returns. Our expertise in reliable and reproducible manufacturing will help ensure your IoT product meets your cost targets.
  12. Enclosure Design
    3D printed prototype enclosures will win investors. We can design and print simple enclosures to close that critical funding step. We have the contacts to have the enclosure mass produced here in the USA at low cost.